If we’ve got a release date coming and a distributor wants to get their film launched, we need to receive the video file and get it encoded right away. Aspera is a critical part of that process. Our workflow doesn’t work without it

Jared Geesey, Vice President, Christian Cinema

Business Challenge story

As Christian Cinema moved into the VOD arena, they needed a fast, secure and reliable transfer solution to transport filmmakers’ titles directly to the cloud. Most of the video files range in size from 8 to 12GB, which made transfer by traditional technologies such as FTP a big challenge. With FTP, network interruptions and latency over the WAN resulted in failed transfers, which had to be started over from the beginning.


Christian Cinema selected IBM® Aspera® on Demand and Aspera SDK to enable filmmakers to submit videos at maximum speed to the custom content management platform. Aspera on Demand allows Christian Cinema to transport content from filmmakers directly to where it needs to be – in the cloud. And because Aspera’s transfer technology works over any distance, filmmakers from anywhere across the world are able to take advantage of the solution’s speed and reliability.


While it could take weeks to get content ingested into their system and published on their website using other technologies, Aspera drastically reduces the time it takes to upload videos and have them ready for customers on the site. Filmmakers are able to upload, encode and set the pricing for films, all within 24 to 48 hours.

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  • IBM Cloud
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    • Aspera
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