It's difficult to overstate the levels of performance that IBM Aspera can deliver... We’ve even heard that some of our requesters were able to secure investment to upgrade their networking hardware as a result of their positive experiences with IBM Aspera

David Camargo, IT Director, Centre de Regulació Genòmica

Business Challenge story

Centre de Regulació Genòmica (CRG) wanted to help worldwide research institutions share genome sequencing data. How can such large amounts of data be transmitted quickly and cost-effectively?


CRG developed a file transfer platform based on IBM® Aspera® solutions—enabling it to share files from a 2 petabyte genomics archive, giving researchers rapid access to the data they need for their cutting-edge genetics projects.


Today, CRG shares file packages as large as 500 TB at speeds of up to 3 Gbit/s, helping universities and laboratories leverage existing sequencing data to support cutting-edge research.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • Aspera
    • LS: R&D transformation