Create safer, more efficient and reliable operations

Changing economic and regulatory conditions mean that oil and gas companies constantly need better ways to monitor, manage and maintain assets while keeping employees safe.

IBM offers several oil and gas solutions for IoT-driven and AI-driven enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM). These customized solutions are designed to meet your specific business requirements through multiple applications and add-ons. Discover how you can:

  • Improve equipment operations and keep critical assets running
  • Use native HSE functionality to protect workers and maintain compliance
  • Spot problems, assess risks and address them in real time
  • Enhance failure predictions for better supply chain predictability
  • Optimize operations in the field, on the platform and at the pipeline
  • Give field technicians a mobile solution for more productive maintenance
Build a more productive, resilient oil and gas operation

Build a more productive, resilient oil and gas operation (01:27)


Improve maintenance practices and plans

Analyze historical and real-time data to determine asset health, warn of impending failure, and plan condition-based maintenance and schedules.

Understand assets in operational context

Use asset health and performance data to help operations, maintenance and finance personnel make smarter decisions about scheduling, replacement and investments.

Enhance health, safety and environmental (HSE) practices

Leverage integrated HSE data and processes to improve safety, environmental and operational performance in compliance with regulations and operating procedures.

IBM Maximo® Oil and Gas

Built to meet your needs

IBM Maximo Oil and Gas gives you the power to centrally manage assets — such as rigs, wells, pipelines, pumps, fleets and plants — on a single platform while maintaining HSE compliance. Reduce risk with applications built on 30+ years of market-leading technology and improve the safety, reliability, environmental and operational performance of your assets by leveraging embedded processes and data models along with oil and gas industry best practices. Enable advanced planning, scheduling or dispatching based on scope, skills, spatial, linear, weather or other data.

Read the IDC report: Building Resilient Oil and Gas Operations (PDF, 136 KB) →

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IBM Maximo® APM

Monitor, maintain and replace your assets

IBM Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) delivers capabilities powered by AI and IoT to optimize monitoring, maintenance and replacement actions based on historical and current asset health and weather data. Use prebuilt data models for the oil and gas industry and determine risk exposure based on industry scoring methodology for health, criticality, end-of-life probability and effective age. Make smarter decisions, increase uptime, and minimize equipment failure and unplanned repair work.

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Case studies

The Hub Power Company Limited

The Hub Power Company proves that efficient health, safety and environment practices start with IT.

Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company connects “everything” for peak operational efficiency and improves its production targets through greater efficiency.

Cheniere Energy, Inc.

Cheniere Energy is seizing new opportunities and supporting business transformation with IBM Maximo Asset Management.