Messaging, file sharing, search, cognitive and more

Persistent group chat

In Watson Workspace, team conversations are organized into spaces. Space are persistent places to go to converse, share files, and get work done with a group. You can create unlimited spaces for all of your projects, clients, and teams.

One-on-one direct messaging

Direct messages are private conversations between you and one other person. Direct messages let you have quick side conversations that don't require the entire team. You can send a direct message to anyone from any company.

Built-in Watson cognitive technology

With so many conversations going on, Watson's cognitive technology helps you focus on what matters and get things done quickly. You can see smart summaries of past conversations, see when there's new activity that's particularly relevant to you, and get suggestions on what to do next, based on your conversation.

Managed guest user access

In Watson Workspace, you can invite anyone to collaborate, including clients and partners from other companies, and you'll always have a single view of all your conversations without having to switch teams. With Watson Workspace Essentials, administrators can control guests and member access.

How customers use it

  • Project Managers: Keep projects & conversations organized

    Project Managers: Keep projects & conversations organized


    Project Management, without a clear communication strategy, turns into too many meetings, never-ending email threads, and multiple places to search for information.


    Watson Workspace gives project managers a single place to effectively run their projects. Create a space for each project, where you can share updates & deliverables, get feedback, and communicate seamlessly to keep everyone aligned.

  • Sales Professionals: Align business goals

    Sales Professionals: Align business goals


    Closing the deal is nearly impossible without close collaboration across sales, marketing, product development, and support.


    Watson Workspace lets sales professionals communicate seamlessly with everyone. Create spaces with anyone--other sales professionals, marketing, development, support, even clients. Easily find previous deals, decisions, & documents with search.

  • Executives: Stay in the loop on what matters

    Executives: Stay in the loop on what matters


    Executives typically oversee a lot of different projects and teams, so it's hard to stay tuned in to important changes and information.


    Watson Workspace helps you stay in-the-know for all your projects. Use spaces to connect with your employees, no matter where they are. Get the highlights of what you've missed in each space, with smart summaries powered by Watson.

  • Developers: Collaborate seamlessly and integrate your tools

    Developers: Collaborate seamlessly and integrate your tools


    Software development teams are often spread across different time zones, dispersed from their product teams.


    Use Watson Workspace as a persistent place to communicate with coworkers from any location. Use spaces for scrums & swats, or to connect with design, ops, & product management. Integrate apps to track bugs, change requests, or system outages.

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