Arlene Dickinson & Dino Trevisani

Architecting for Disruption

Marketing innovator & venture capitalist Arlene Dickinson joins IBM Canada GM Dino Trevisani for a fireside chat on creating a powerhouse enterprise.

You navigate the multi-cloud architecture with confidence.
You drive innovation through digital transformation.
You are the disruptor, not the disrupted.
This is you to the power of IBM.

Arlene Dickinson & Dino Trevisani
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Join us to see, hear and experience how Canadian companies are using cloud and cognitive to disrupt their industries today.

Get an inside look

Real Estate is the 3rd largest expense at a bank. Find out how Watson is helping TD Bank Enterprise Real Estate reduce costs, drive change and make faster business decisions.

Stopping the spread of infectious diseases like bird flu and SARS benefits us all. Hear how Fusion Genomics is using analytics and cloud to detect pandemics before they happen.

The financial services industry requires maximum security and flexibility with minimum cost. Learn how Dream Payments is leveraging the IBM cloud to drive innovation in that industry to create a dream experience for their clients.

As one of the world’s leading health sciences research organizations, Hamilton Health Sciences is disrupting their industry using cognitive computing. Listen to how they are getting it done.

Experience Zones

Take in our lightning talks and get hands-on with demos and garages featuring Cognitive AI, IoT, Cloud, Data Insight, & Blockchain. Uncover the value and drive new revenue for your business.

Featured client speakers on the main stage:

Christian Ali, Chief Marketing Officer, Dream Payments
Jim Pickens, Technology Strategy and Analytics Lead, TD Bank Enterprise Real Estate
Dr. Ted Scott, Acting Vice President Research & Chief Innovation Officer, Hamilton Health Sciences
Greg Stazyk, Chief Technical Officer, Fusion Genomics Corp

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