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Kaiser Permanente

Learn how Kaiser Permanente manages and optimizes mission critical applications with IBM APM.

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Application Performance Management overview

Learn how APM can pay for itself with the very first outage it prevents.

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View transaction details

View and analyze transaction details with APM to identify transactions that are impacting your end user experience.

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Find the root cause of application problems

No more blind spots. Application Performance Management finds problems before you start troubleshooting.

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Understand what your users experience

Gain visibility into end-user response time.

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Proactively avoid application outages

See how the predictive insights capability enables you to detect anomalies in your application automatically.

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An APM and DevOps approach for the financial industry

See the impact an application performance management (APM) and DevOps approach has on the banking and financial markets.

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A telco perspective to APM and DevOps

Discover how incorporating both DevOps and end-to-end APM is critical to keeping pace with agile development cycles.

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Agile application development for the insurance industry

Learn why 76 percent of developers polled across industries consider DevOps to be important to their future.

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Why Forrester named IBM a leader in the APM market

The Forrester Wave: Application Performance Management Q3 2016.

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EMA whitepaper

SaaS, on-prem or hybrid: Which APM solution is best for your business?

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Coverage catalog

Find out which on-cloud or on-premises solution is right for you and see we have in beta.

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12 reasons why you don't need to monitor your applications

Still wondering what all the application monitoring hype is about? Read more to find out.

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Application management for the hybrid cloud

Application management for the hybrid cloud: Tooling the hybrid lifecycle.

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Meeting the demands of a 24/7 application world

IBM Cloud Application Performance Management in the era of digital transformation.

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Hybrid APM for hybrid apps

Keep track of your hybrid applications no matter where the bits and pieces reside with flexibility.

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Application Performance Management FAQs

Find answers to your most frequently asked IBM APM questions.

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APM trial cookbook

Learn how to setup the APM trial with this fun and super easy eBook.

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Navigate your apps with IBM APM

Help! There's a breach in the core! What could be causing the problem? Check out this infographic to investigate.

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