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Enable effective test management in an increasingly complex, connected environment with AI and analytics

Engineer using non-destructive testing equipment on aircraft


What makes a strong test management system?

As testing requirements expand in number and complexity, advanced quality management solutions can help engineering teams integrate continuous testing across all development stages in the process. Ultimately, a strong test management system not only helps your teams meet project timelines without sacrificing quality, but helps you get to market faster while optimizing the quality of the end product along the way.

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Benefits of test management tools Optimize testing opportunity

Accelerate testing using rich text, in-line images and assisted data entry and validation for precise test definition and execution.

Meet regulatory requirements

Assist in managing regulatory requirements and in preparing companies for compliance audits.

Better manage machine assets

Track lab resources in one place, whether a test lab or virtual machines. Validate that all required resources to execute test plans are available.

Case study

Test mangement case study
Mercedes-Benz manages automotive project complexity Dr. Seigmar Haasis (CIO of Research & Development, Mercedes-Benz Cars) discusses how leading companies are embracing digital transformation in engineering.


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