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Developers like their communications and social media to look like their code—essential and direct. Social media avatars follow the brand palette and templates provide a ready framework for you to amplify the IBM Developer brand.


Developers work in a fluid environment. The pace of technology means they need reliable information when the coding landscape shifts. Best practices are codified as best after traveling through trial and error cycles. Tools adapt to encompass newly accepted best practices. Code patterns provide proven frameworks on which to structure new work. Tutorials step the uninitiated toward code greatness. All of this and more fills the IBM Developer website.

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Social presence

The IBM Developer brand social presence and avatars, or social IDs, build our identity through the consistent use of our bright color palette. The logo and rebus art shown within these avatars are carefully sized for optimum impact. Shown here are examples of the social channel branding avatars in use.

social presence social media avatar examples

Social tiles

We’ve created an asset resource of social tiles in multiple sizes and colors so you can focus on the message you need to post. Shown here are examples of the tiles in use on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social tilesSocial tiles

Animated social tiles

There’s also an asset resource featuring animated social tiles available for your use. These animations can help attract attention to your posts. Shown here are a few examples.

Web banners

Banners are designed to be an easy way to highlight how developers can register for a live or online event, download a new code pattern or watch a tutorial. We’ve created an asset resource of web banners in multiple sizes and colors so that you can focus on the action you want to elicit. Shown here are examples of banners in use.

Web bannersWeb Banners