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Well-articulated brands serve business. Defining our IBM Developer brand helps unify us behind a uniquely differentiated experience. This unity helps us express an opinionated position externally and allows us to make cohesive, progressive decisions internally.


Designed to build deeper relationships.

IBM Developer is a strategic sub-brand within the IBM brand ecosystem, designed to build deeper relationships among the growing international enterprise developer community and IBM. Relationships with developers around the world are the ultimate deliverable of the brand and a key measurement of our overall success.


Build Smart. Build Secure.

The IBM Developer brand promise statement builds upon our overall IBM brand platform—Let’s put smart to work.® Our statement—Build Smart. Build Secure.—translates that platform for our developer audience. This statement should appear only in IBM Developer communications.

IBM is inclusive of all code creatives—we’re strengthened by the diversity found among different types of developers and decision makers. IBM developers enjoy the advantage of building solutions using our technology and resources in a security-rich environment.


Communications focus on access, acceleration and ability.

These attributes are the primary pillars or positioning we want represented and reinforced in all IBM Developer communications and experiences.

  • How you write code matters. It’s just as important as the code itself. With IBM, you have access to leaders in technology who can provide you with the essential skills and tools to build applications for the enterprise. Keep your skills sharp and stay current on the latest technology and trends, from blockchain to AI, with open source projects, tutorials, blogs, podcasts and documentation published by leading developers in the field.

    Collaborate with our global network of developer advocates online and offline to gain peer-to-peer knowledge and help change the way the world works with code. We’re at your local meetups, forums and conferences 365 days a year to help you succeed with your everyday tasks. Access open-source projects and code patterns through content, community and semantically linked self-service code. You can easily get started coding with these resources available in popular code repositories, and with SDKs for popular languages and deployment environments.

  • Success is getting your applications to production—not just to the test or pilot stage. Success is when your application can scale to be used reliably by millions of users. At IBM, we help you reduce time to production and scale enterprise applications.

    We help you build on security-rich and compliant platforms right from the start. We can help you expertly navigate the world of enterprise standards for privacy, security and compliance no matter which industry you’re building for, with the reliability and governance you need to develop rapidly.

    Develop at enterprise scale with speed and the agility to continuously design and deliver new products. Code side by side with expert developers, designers and technical leaders to take your idea to a minimum viable product (MVP) and beyond.

    We know how to make AI and data work in the enterprise.

    Make your data simple and accessible with data analytics, AI and deep learning, so you can scale insights on demand and deploy your applications with agility.

  • Enterprises are built on business processes. When you’re building applications to support those processes, build with an architecture that can help you tackle the whole process.

    With IBM, you have the ability to build across the entire tech stack that spans cloud, data, AI and open-source technologies. Confidently develop using the breadth and depth of our technologies and resources to deliver solutions. Find easy access to AI and IoT APIs, a comprehensive cloud platform, and enterprise-grade security on blockchain with the ability to gain rapid data science insights.

    Deploy on a cloud architecture that’s built for all your applications, locally or globally, and designed to be security-rich and compliant.

    Make your data work for your business—prepare it for analytics, data science and AI, regardless of its type and wherever it resides.


Clear and uncluttered, like good code.

The IBM Developer brand promise statement—Build Smart. Build Secure.—can appear in a variety of typographic arrangements and visual lockups. Shown here are all of the acceptable ways of using it.

Build Smart. Build Secure.
Build Smart. Build Secure.
Build Smart. Build Secure.
Build Smart. Build Secure.
Build Smart. Build Secure.
Build Smart. Build Secure.
Build Smart. Build Secure.
Build Smart. Build Secure.

Creative concept

Simple and straightforward.

The IBM Developer brand system is designed to exude efficiency. It’s simple and straightforward. No gimmicks. Every element in the system has a specific job to do.

Open Code


  1. Dedicated to collaboration and the craft of code
  2. Steadfast collaborator offering resources and support
  3. Always innovating in advance of others