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IBM Developer brand animation mimics the action of a developer typing code, complete with audible keystroke clicks. This treatment provides instant resonance with coders.


Given the typographic nature of our visual identity, our approach to animation mimics and reinforces the act of coding. We call this technique undertyping. Working left to right, characters appear as if being typed, with colored glyphs appearing just ahead of letterforms.

Animation showing undertyping style

Motion graphics

If you create short videos for tutorials, or introduce code patterns by showing your screen, please use these motion graphics guidelines.

With the release of our motion graphics package, you have IBM Developer-branded intro and outro options available. In addition to recording and editing your developer screen and other related content in Camtasia or other screen recording application, you should bookend your final content edit for maximum brand uplift.

Intros and outros

To maintain brand cohesiveness, please use our predesigned intros before any animation work. Our outro assets ensure consistency in sign off.

Intro Animation

Intro animation

Outro Animation

Outro animation

Title card

Title cards use the IBM Developer brand signature undertyping animation style. You may use a master template, created in Adobe After Effects Creative Suite 2018 or newer, to customize your title card. For customization questions, please reach out to Michael Powell.

Title Card

Example title card

Lower thirds

Lower thirds provide speaker or on-screen content identification for your video. You may use a master template, created in Adobe After Effects, to customize your lower thirds text. For customization questions, please reach out to Michael Powell.

Lower thirds example

Lower thirds example


For live and screen-recorded videos, use the IBM Developer video frame watermarking, with the layout and sizing found in the Master Artwork folder. The master artwork is provided as an Adobe Photoshop .PSD video frame with correct sizing, placement, transparency and transfer mode setting.
For any additional questions and guidance, please reach out to Michael Powell.

Watermark example

Watermark example