THINK – How will you respond to a data breach?

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In a period of unprecedented change, staying connected to technology trends has never been more important. And there’s no better forum for the latest (and future) insights than Think Summit London, IBM’s annual festival of innovation.
On the 16th October 2019, you will have the chance to experience how IBM is channelling research and technology –including Security, AI, blockchain and quantum computing –into protecting the future, helping to sustain not just business growth but also people and environments around the world. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall leads a packed agenda with his keynote talk on sustainability.

Informative, inventive and entertaining, Think Summit will feature tech talks, immersive experiences, topical debates and thought-provoking guest speakers.  Many of these exciting elements can be found at the event’s Security and Resiliency Campus. A dedicated area to focus on Protecting your business, Responding to threats and Recovering quickly in the event of disruption.

I’d like to invite business and security leaders to our Security and Resiliency Campus at Think Summit London, where you can:

  • Learn from the largest cyber security and resiliency vendor, trusted by thousands of clients.
  • Discover how threat prevention is no longer sufficient to mitigate risk and the business impact of cyber disruptions; it must be combined with a rehearsed incident response and recovery plans. 
  • Meet with industry experts and explore how to evolve your business resilience and security strategy to stay protected.
  • Check if you have what it takes to be a hacker with our Daemon Crew activation.
  • Meet IBM X-Force Red team to understand how we pen test into organisations.
  • Dive deep into client stories, the latest technologies and experience a range of interactive activations.

I will also be presenting on the importance of “Incident Response” on a session titled  “How will YOU  detect and respond to a data breach?” . Incident Response has become a critical part of cyber security. Given that in the next two years, your company is likely to be the victim of a data breach. How can you be ready to respond successfully, decreasing the impact of the attack? And what have other organisations done to be as prepared as possible?  During this session I  will explore Incident Response, the need for breach readiness from the boardroom down, and how this all relates to a 23 tonne truck. I hope you can join me at the Think Tank Theatre at the Security and Resiliency Campus in the afternoon.

The security content will not only be limited to the campus, as security is a key theme across the event. One of the keenly anticipated theatre sessions will look at how IBM i2 intelligence analysis software has helped nonprofit organisation STOP THE TRAFFIK in taking an intelligence-led approach to disrupting human trafficking networks at their source. 

With business strategies evolving more rapidly than ever, it’s an event that progressive organisations cannot afford to miss. Click here for more information and to register for the event. We hope to see you at Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London on the 16th Oct.

Security Director, UK and Ireland

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