GDPR: get your business case right!

Last month in London, I had the unique chance to speak with one of the people who helped lay the foundation for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new European data privacy legislation. John Bowman was head of the delegation to the Council of the European Union’s Working Party on Information Exchange and Data Protection […]

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The wrITing on the wall

In my last column I described PresenceInsight, a system developed by IBM Research to track mobile devices anonymously within  a designated area. Some of the readers reacted with the obvious remarks about privacy. Although PresenceInsight is anonymous (tracking only the MAC address of the mobile device and not personal information) the question surfaced that if […]

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Gemeenteraad dankzij analytics terug aan het roer

Big brother, black box: het beeld dat bij lokale overheden bestaat over analytics, is niet mals. Ten onrechte, want juist moderne analytics kunnen veel meer met de al aanwezige data dan de huidige methodiek van het aan elkaar knopen van bestanden – zónder daarmee bewust de privacywetgeving te omzeilen. Het aantal toepassingen is groot: van […]

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