A 2 day internship at IBM

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Blogpost by Noah Loomans |

It all started when my school (Metis Montessori Lyceum) gave us an assignment which required us to go to a 2-day internship on a company to choose. I choose IBM. Simply because they did other things then nationalizing the American version. how odd it may seem, at the end it was an excellent choice I would never regret.

It was the first day and I was very excited, Maybe a bit too excited since I came half an hour too early. I first thing I noticed was that you could see in a blink of an eye if someone was a programmer or not, depending on the kind of clothes they wear. At first, I thought I would be given a simple task, but that turned out not to be the case. I was given an almost perfect task that I merged to finish just in time. Another thing that surprised me was the amount of freedom they gave me. I expected that I had to make a piece of code with everything being stippled out for me, but instead they gave me the task “Make a nice demo using these APIs in 2 days“. The next step was that I came up with an original idea that I could work on, followed by them helping me to make it more realistic. (Noah used IBM’s Bluemix, ed.)

This was, in fact, the first time that I had to write code on a tight deadline. And It really was a challenge for me to cut corners when it was appropriate, so I don’t get lost in the small details. And I still think I spend a bit too much time on the layout. One thing that really surprised me was that IBM used my work on a live demo!

So, in a nutshell, it was amazing and I would never regret it. I put a lot of effort in it and IBM really appreciated it. Thanks, everyone, and special thanks to Zoltán, for these amazing days.

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