Viewpoint: Trust, Privacy and Data in today’s EU

Over more than a century, the context in which IBM works has evolved considerably. As leaders consider the future of the United Kingdom’s relationship with the EU, we are both ready and well equipped to help clients and governments navigate yet another transition. IBM’s continuity of service will not be impacted for the foreseeable future. […]

IBM Joins White House Call-to-Action on the Global Refugee Crisis

Washington, D.C. – Today, IBM announced its participation as a founding partner in the White House call-to-action for private sector engagement on the global refugee crisis. There are more than 65 million displaced people in the world today, the highest number on record since the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) began collecting statistics. More than 21 […]

IBM Welcomes House Bill to Better Prepare U.S. Students for Career Success

Washington, D.C. – IBM today released the following statement welcoming bipartisan legislation introduced in the House of Representatives that would better align U.S. education with in-demand career skills: “This legislation reminds all of us that preparing America’s students with the skills to succeed in promising, high-wage careers is a priority that transcends partisan politics. There […]

Viewpoint: A landmark Moment for Strengthening Trust in Cloud Computing

Europe’s Cloud Computing industry today sent out a strong message about its commitment to security and privacy. Following a four-year collaboration between cloud service providers and the European Commission – – in which IBM has been a driving force – the text of a Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers in Europe […]

IBM Statement on United Kingdom Referendum on European Union Membership

London – IBM today issued the following statement: “IBM has proudly been a part of the British economy and society for over a century, with a substantial presence. In times of uncertainty, IBM’s core values, including the unwavering dedication to the success of all our clients, matter more than ever as a guide for our […]

THINKPolicy #10: Considering the Future and Benefits of Cognitive Computing

Human + Machine Collaboration for the Advancement of Humankind It seems like almost every day a new headline warns us that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon take over the world, or at the very least steal jobs. Even when AI is not in the news, Hollywood offers up a steady stream of entertainment that depicts […]

Viewpoint: EU Gets Serious on Push for Innovation

Three recent developments demonstrate that the EU has become very serious about driving innovation – and about not letting bureaucracy get in the way On Monday this week, 14 European member state governments sent a letter to the European Commission and the Dutch government, current Presidency holders of the EU. The letter urged both bodies […]

THINKPolicy #9: A Conversation with Deputy United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Holleyman

(Editor’s Note: Ambassador Robert Holleyman (ARH), Deputy United States Trade Representative, yesterday spoke to more than 100 IBMers participating in the company’s annual Congressional Fly-in. His remarks focused on the economic importance of the Trans Pacific Partnership, including its landmark digital and e-commerce provisions. Holleyman then sat down with Christopher A. Padilla, IBM’s Vice President […]

IBM Welcomes Enactment of the Defend Trade Secrets Act

Washington, D.C. – IBM today released this statement following President Obama’s signing of the Defend Trade Secrets Act: “With the Defend Trade Secrets Act, Congress and the Administration have given U.S. businesses a powerful tool to protect their most sensitive innovations in a world where the threat of theft has never been more real. “U.S. […]