Our Philosophy

Our experience has taught us that engagement – reaching out, listening and having authentic dialogue – is the best path to good outcomes. IBM does not espouse a partisan or political point of view. Alone among our major competitors, we do not make political contributions, and we do not endorse candidates for office. We never have.

But if IBM does not have politics, it does have values. IBMers believe in helping our clients succeed beyond even their own expectations; in innovation that matters to the world; in building relationships based on trust and personal responsibility. And we have always led the world of business in diversity, inclusion and tolerance. Inspired by those values and that legacy, I offer every government leader with whom I engage innovative ideas to address national challenges.

This is what we do. It has been our ethos for more than a century.

-Ginni Rometty
IBM Chairman, President and CEO
Excerpt from open letter to IBM employees, 2017

IBM’s core values include a commitment to trust and personal responsibility and a pursuit of innovation that matters to our company and the world. Consistent with these principles, IBM is committed to leading on public policy issues that are relevant to IBM and the world. IBM Government and Regulatory Affairs (GRA) provides worldwide leadership and expertise in advocating and advancing the public policy interests of IBM, its shareholders and employees with governments.

IBM also is committed to meaningful management, oversight, and accurate reporting with respect to our engagement with government officials, and we consistently seek to provide our stockholders with relevant data regarding our public policy engagement.

Our values also reflect the corporation’s long-standing policy against political contributions of any kind, even when permitted by law.

Therefore IBM:

  • does not have a PAC (Political Action Committee),
  • does not engage in independent or electioneering communications as defined by law, and
  • does not provide any financial support to political parties or candidates, directly or indirectly.

Read IBM’s policies and practices with regard to public policy matters, including lobbying activities and expenditures, on our Policy Governance page.