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Five Technology Design Principles to Combat Domestic Abuse

Our tech ecosystem is teeming with innovators who constantly bring us products and devices that improve lives. In a COVID-19 world where self-isolation has become the norm, we have gained a new appreciation for technology’s ability to bring us together and enhance our wellbeing. While there is no doubt that technology has tremendous potential for […]

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The Future of 5G Must Be “Open”

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how vital connectivity is to society and the economy. The widespread adoption of 5G technologies has the potential to make connectivity an even more powerful tool, transforming how we live and work for the better. The increases in network speed and capacity 5G offers will not just improve existing […]

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IBM Statement on the EARN IT Act

IBM today released the following statement on the EARN IT Act, sponsored by Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Richard Blumenthal: “IBM welcomes the leadership Senators Graham and Blumenthal have shown in taking on the challenge of curbing harmful and illegal online content. Businesses should have to earn liability exemptions by taking reasonable care to stop […]

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