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Watson for Cyber Security

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The volume of security incidents and available threat data far exceed the capacity of even the most skilled security professional. Enter Watson for Cyber Security. It augments a security analyst’s ability to identify and understand sophisticated threats, by tapping into unstructured data (ex. blogs, websites, research papers) and correlating it with local security offenses. IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson combines the cognitive capabilities of Watson and the industry leading QRadar Security Analytics Platform to uncover hidden threats and automate insights, revolutionizing the way security analysts work.

Explore the possibilities of Watson and learn more about IBM QRadar Advisor of Watson. There is a free 30-day trial link available at the website.

Watch the video below on how Watson for Cyber Security is performing in action.

Visit IBM Marketplace and get a free trial:

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Security Strategy Risk & Compliance Lead - Nordics

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