IBM Security Product Professional Services

Build maturity and maximize the value of security solutions. Learn more about the benefits of IBM Security Product Professional Services—a team of trusted experts who help organizations assess, build and deploy an integrated security ecosystem that reduces complexity and provides the intelligence needed to understand and adapt to advanced threats. Watch the video below to […]

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Post The GDPR Compliance Deadline – Are all companies now GDPR Compliant?

Interestingly in relation to this question a surprising number of companies believe they are not compliant according to research carried  out by TrustArc and published on July 12th. Below are some of the interesting findings they got: Only 20% of those surveyed believe they are compliant. In fact 27% have not yet started the implementation. […]

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Sikkerhed i skyen – Hvor hænger dine data i dag og i morgen?

Torsdag den 4. juni kl. 9.00 – 13.30 på Carlsberg Museum i København afholder B4Restore et arrangement, hvor emner som sikkerhed, compliance, persondata loven og hybrid cloud kan gå hånd i hånd og hvilke overvejelser virksomhederne bør tage. Til arrangementet er der indlæg fra både Kunden: Danske Commodities, Advokaten: Plesner, Revisoren: Verifica og Teknologipartneren: B4Restore […]

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