RGS Nordic using IBM® MaaS360® with Watson™ to gain 100 percent visibility

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Mobile devices offer a powerful way to streamline workflows—but new requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean it’s more important than ever for companies to stay in control of their assets. Working with ADmire, RGS Nordic uses IBM® MaaS360® with Watson™ to gain 100 percent visibility of all its mobile devices in Denmark.

RGS Nordic cleanses and recycles construction waste and wastewater. With operations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, RGS Nordic operates 35 processing and treatment facilities and processes more than 2.5 million tons of waste each year.

RGS Nordic has been able to digitalize business on-boarding 300 workers with Ipads, while complying the GDPR regulations.

We knew that incoming regulations such as the GDPR would require us to demonstrate tight control over our employees’ personal data. To ensure that we could comply with the new obligations (and to enhance the security of our IT environment as a whole) we knew that we needed a robust approach to mobile device management [MDM].”

“We have been very impressed by the level of granular insight and precise control that IBM MaaS360 with Watson gives us over our mobile devices“.

Lars Peter Lundstrøm, Head of IT, RGS Nordic

Click here, to read the case studies for Maas360, about how RGS Nordic uses IBM® MaaS360® with Watson™ to gain 100 percent visibility of all its mobile devices in Denmark.

The case studies discusses the following three topics in regards to RGS Nordic using IBM® MaaS360® with Watson

Business Challenge: Mobile solutions play a key role in RGS Nordic’s business process. With new regulations such as the GDPR on the horizon, the company looked for a way to gain tighter control over its devices and data.

Transformation: RGS Nordic engaged its IT outsourcing provider ADmire to deploy IBM MaaS360 with Watson, enabling full visibility and remote administration of all the company’s mobile assets in Denmark.


Boosts Security: with centralized management for RGS Nordic’s mobile devices.

Enables: device data to be wiped remotely, facilitating regulatory compliance.

80%:  setup process for new mobile devices drives operational efficiency.

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