IBM Security and join forces to eliminate digital fraud

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The future for digital trust has never been brighter

In May, launched ReTrust with the help of IBM. ReTrust is a service that combines security market leader IBM Trusteer with a highly cost-effective as-a-Service model making Trusteer available to any business. Making this service available to companies of any size makes it possible to achieve the overall goal: To minimize digital fraud and lower digital threats worldwide.

Letting businesses protect their customers by establishing continuous digital trust and keeping fraudsters out has been the goal of IBM Trusteer since its beginning. Now, as the only service provider in the world, is making the as-a-Service model available, thereby giving customers access to the IBM Trusteer product. This is nothing new to, as many cloud services have been revolutionized, because it is their vision that all cloud services should be easy to use and accessible. And this is the exact reason why has turned many complex services into as-a-Service models, which gives customers specialist knowledge and fewer worries.

IBM and have been working together for years, and the partnership has now turned into this new and unique service. Christian Givskov, Digital Trust Leader from IBM, explains why IBM has chosen as their partner:

“We see a huge potential in the partnership with takes highly complex technologies and makes them available to markets that we are unable to reach ourselves. ReTrust is a new way of dealing with digital fraud, making the solution available for all businesses.”


But is there a need for the ReTrust service?

“Protecting users from digital fraud is something that the majority of online businesses have yet to solve for both web and mobile applications. We are helping fill this gap, and we knew IBM would be able to deliver the technology,” explains Gregor Frimodt-Møller, CEO of

Today, customers on any digital platform expect a frictionless digital journey, whether they’re making a purchase, signing up for a new account or simply updating their contact information. Organizations need to deliver a seamless experience for their true customers and at the same time keep malicious activity out. Using ReTrust, a business can establish, maintain and sustain digital trust with its customers throughout their customer journey.  In a world full of cybercrime, digital trust is essential, and ReTrust is a big problem solver. Gregor Frimodt-Møller explains: “Imagine making sure all visitors on your app or webpage have their own personal bodyguard walking with them for their entire session. This is exactly what we have achieved with ReTrust. That means no one can reach your customer as you are protecting them 1 by 1 for their entire customer journey. No one has been able to reach such a high level of protection before.”

The agile cloud platform is based on advanced AI, sophisticated behavioral biometrics and machine learning capabilities – all developed by IBM Trusteer. The IBM software takes device, user, activity, behavioural biometrics and many other patterns into account, leaving users and customers protected and securing their digital journey.

About ReTrust and

ReTrust is delivered by certified IBM business partner, is a multi cloud service provider that delivers professional business continuity and security services to more than 600 customers in 30+ countries. was established in 1998 by its 3 co-owners: Gregor Frimodt-Møller, Adrian Frimodt-Møller and Thomas Allentoft. Today, forms a strong international unit and has offices in Denmark, Poland and the Czech Republic. For more information, visit or learn more about at

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