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Reduce the number of Service Desk tickets by up to 40% using IBM Watson

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Are you struggling with an increasing number of tickets in your Service Desk? Are costs going up and do you have to hire more and more Service Desk agents? Want to turn things around and reduce the number of tickets and Service Desk Agents?

Then you might want to read this and learn what IBM is currently implementing at other customers world-wide – including local Nordic clients. The game changer is a solution from IBM Global Technology Services called Workplace Support Services with Watson (WSSwW). In short, WSSwW is a web based chat service that provides the customer/end-user with a cognitive virtual Service Desk agent, thereby automating the Service Desk and improving the end-user experience.

This revolutionary support model integrates the Service Desk with our analytics competencies and Watson’s transformational cognitive capabilities. Watson understands and learns from virtually every interaction and proposes new possibilities through probabilistic reasoning. As a result, the end-user experience will be redefined as their service requests are promptly resolved by chatting with Watson in a natural and personal manner that will continue to improve as Watson gets to know them better.

However, if it is needed, the individual can be transferred to a live Service Desk agent.

This ground-breaking innovation is not “just” another “Watson can do this and that…”. This is reality TODAY and IBM is currently implementing this solution at approximately 10 different accounts world-wide.

Want to find out more? Contact me on HHansen@dk.ibm.com

Learn more here.

Senior Consultant, IBM Services

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