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Securing the threats of tomorrow, today!

We live in an age of exponential change with more data, connected devices and computing power than ever before. While this affords businesses tremendous opportunities, it also creates more ways for cyber-criminals to breach an organization. Headlines from the past year shine a spotlight on the growing speed and destructive nature of cyber-attacks.

With the right approaches, technologies and experts, not only can we fight back today, but we can get ahead of tomorrow’s threats.

Join us at the IBM Security Summit in Stockholm on the 20th of September

Designed for Security Leaders and their senior team members, discussions will focus on real stories from the field and practical examples. Network with peers and security experts to discover how to make your organization cyber-resilient.

  • Prepare for ‘boom moments’ like ransomware attacks
  • Tackle the skills shortage by embracing new technologies like AI
  • Embrace resiliency as a practice to better prepare for and respond to threats
  • Use cognitive security to pinpoint threats and quickly orchestrate an effective response

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Country Manager, Security Systems

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