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We always talk about tailoring your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution to your exact needs, and although that is generally considered the way to go, there is a cheaper and easier option, which you should at least consider.

You are probably thinking: “My suppliers all demand that I adhere to their individual format, and so do my customers, so I cannot possibly switch to a standard”

And we hear you, and in many cases, we are compelled to agree, but there is a great potential to save a great deal of money, time and hassle – and we feel it is time to embrace it.

But my suppliers and customers all have their own formats…

Yes, we understand your concerns, but our team of experts who’ve shaped the past, and even helped develop Peppol and the Danish Nemhandel, are looking towards the future of EDI and see the necessity and potential in simplification.

Just imagine how much time and money you spend on mapping up to new formats, connecting to new partners and adjusting to suit each individual supplier and customer you have. What if you could rely on just 1 or 2 formats? And reduce your setup costs significantly with the blessing of your suppliers and customers?

It sounds crazy, right?

But we don’t think it is.  As we look to the future, this is where we expect the market will head, and we are keen to help get you there.

Switching to a standardized EDI solution, with only one or two standard formats used by most, can make an EDI solution light, quick to set up, cheap to run and adjust, and much easier to manage. But is it the right solution for you? Well, we’d like to help you find out.

Can you afford to skip the conversation?

Contact us today to book a free consultation or join our webinar on standardizing your EDI solution here.

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