Capture market shares with Watson Customer Experience Analytics

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With IBM’s new AI powered analytics solution your business can benefit from a differentiated costumer experience impactful enough to capture market shares:

  • IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics enables you to make smarter, faster marketing and CX decisions based on insights into customers across touchpoints and channels.
  • Only Watson gives you clarity into end-to-end journeys and their effectiveness while also giving you the ability to visualize the actual customer experience on your digital channels.
  • This macro to micro view gives you both the what and the why behind your performance. The end result? The insight you need to optimize journeys, boost conversion, and maximize profitability.

Curious? Learn even more about the power of AI in IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics in the video:

The time saved in identifying and solving problems immediately after occurring is groundbreaking. IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics helps you to identify and resolve customer experience challenges and behavioral sequences within minutes. You get immediately notified of struggle when it happens so you can quickly take action to improve conversion rates.

All in all, three main pillars or features of this new platform can take your e-business to new heights:

IBM Analytics

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