3 reasons for IBM being a leader in IaaS in 2020

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IBM has been named a leader in the IaaS Value Matrix 2020 by Nucleus Research, but the question is why?

In 2020, IBM was put in the leader section when assessing the various infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) vendors. It has been placed alongside Microsoft Azure and AWS. The judgement has been based on functionality and usability parameters. The more important question, however, is why IBM has been placed in such a position? Let us dig deeper into this.

Before beginning, let me start with explaining what IaaS is – or at least try to explain it.

IaaS is an abbreviation for infrastructure-as-a-service and is the lowest level in the public cloud triangle. Clients who decide to use the IaaS offerings are often looking at turning their upfront investments in infrastructure, especially the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and thus particularly the hardware part of it, into a pay for usage operating expense (OPEX) based model. This is one of the main drivers alongside several others such as moving the workloads to a cloud-based environment, which would in later stages allow for introducing microservices, modernization of application portfolios, and cater for faster innovation which matters to the business.

The following are 3 reasons that explain the win of IaaS in IBM Public Cloud.


In 2019 when Red Hat was acquired by IBM, steady growth across the IaaS portfolio was expected. This acquisition was a great advantage and has helped in positioning IBM Public Cloud as a leader. One of the great advantages in this area has been the inclusion of Red Hat’s container platform, which is completely based on open source technologies, at the core of IBM’s offering portfolio on IBM Cloud both as a managed subscribed service or a license-based consumption model.


The security that IBM Public cloud is comprised of validates the reason for it obtaining a leading position. IBM Public Cloud is the most secure and open cloud for businesses. It also provides market-leading data protection capabilities and is talked about as being one of a kind when it comes to meeting security needs and objectives. Businesses strive to modernize their applications but need to ensure a security-conscious provider which is where IBM comes in as the best handyman. It is especially relevant for businesses in regulated industries, for instance, Finance, Healthcare, Telco, Retail, and Oil & Gas. The security obeyed in IBM Public Cloud provides the compliance needs that is a must-have in such industries.


IBM Public Cloud has a security-rich integration capability. This allows customers to leverage existing investments in on-premises and public cloud infrastructure and at the same time facilitates flexibility and efficiency. It provides speed in integration development and lowers the cost simultaneously. In general, the integration capability is very important for solving several modern challenges, by quickly responding to customer expectations and trends in the market.


IBM Cloud is the only Cloud which provides the opportunity of combining the best of the Classic IT (in other words workloads on-premise) with all the capabilities of a Cloud based, new era IT in a highly Secure, Enterprise Grade and Open fashion.

Read more in the report: IaaS Technology Value Matrix 2020

Find more information about IBM Public Cloud: Click here

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