IBM Interns Share their Top 4 Tips on How to Get an Internship with IBM

Getting an IBM internship in college is a one-of-a-kind opportunity, so how can you make that opportunity become your reality?

To answer that question, we asked our IBM Marketing interns to share their advice on how they secured their internships and set themselves up for success.

Here are some of their top tips to help you stand out in the IBM internship application journey!


1. Do your Research, But Recognize That It’s Normal to Not Know Everything

Before you apply to an IBM internship, take time to do your research and learn more about the game-changing work that IBM does. Find specific topic areas that you are interested in and would like to learn more about to help guide your research. The IBM blog is a great starting place to learn more about some of the career paths at IBM and the incredible things IBMers get involved in.

To prepare for your interview with IBM, it’s helpful to know what IBM’s business and how that affects your own life. Be prepared to vocalize this learning and why you are specifically interested in working at IBM.

But remember that no one expects you to know everything. You’re a college student, not necessarily an expert in cloud, AI, or blockchain and that is totally okay. IBM can teach you whatever skills are necessary, but your curiosity is all your own.


2. Be Your Authentic Self and Trust Your Strengths

Your greatest asset is yourself, so let your personality and creativity shine through! Be confident in your strengths in moments that you feel nervous or intimidated. You’re smarter than you think you are.

To best represent yourself, bring specific anecdotes, data points, and examples about actions that you have taken on campus or in your community that show how you align with the organization’s goals and values and prove how you would bring an impact to an intern position.


3. Make Sure Your Core Values Align with Those of IBM’s

Take time to learn about IBM’s core values and examine yourself to see if they align with your own. A good way to start learning about IBM’s values is through reading about our latest initiatives like CEO Arvind Krishna’s letter to Congress calling for racial justice or our Impact Reports. Skills are important but our beliefs are what set us apart from the crowd.

Don’t focus on presenting yourself as what you imagine the perfect IBM intern should be. IBM values differences, diversity, and creativity, so we’re excited to see your diverse opinions and experiences!


4. Lean on Your Network as You Prepare

Get feedback throughout the application process. Having an extra pair of eyes on your resume or practicing mock interviews with others you can trust will help you continuously improve and ultimately land your dream opportunity.

Additionally, networking is key for many applicants to best learn about IBM and understand what it’s really like to work at the company. Make sure you attend IBM info sessions and events, whether in-person or virtual, and make the most of your time by paying attention, asking thoughtful questions and introducing yourself to the IBM representatives.

With these four tips, you’re now on the path to being an even more effective applicant for our IBM internships. Good luck!

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