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Why IBM Training?

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The IBM Global Training Provider (GTP) model offers a wide range of training courses to assist you to develop all the skills required for your role, your career and to achieve your certifications. Through the model, offered by Arrow ECS, trusted GTP of IBM, you are able to complete 600+ courses, covering the various IBM Solution Offerings. The IBM Course Range offers a wide variety of courses, in varying modalities all varying in difficulty levels. The total number of days a course is set to run fluctuates depending on the difficulty level as well as the complexity of the course.


Why IBM Training? The incentive should rather be inspired by the question, why purchase a trusted, respected and typically world class solution, such as any of the IBM world-renowned product offerings, only to utilise a portion of the solution? Surely the sentiment should be, once a purchase is made, the purchaser would like to utilise the full stack of said solution, receive full value, and essentially purchase again because the solution worked so well, and was delivered with the required knowledge to utilize said solution.


Do we purchase a house to sleep in only? Surely one would like to invite guests to extravagant dinners, use all the amenities such as the Swimming Pool, Sauna, Billiards Room and Cigar Lounge. Team CRS and I believe in the assurance that the end customer should receive the full ROI affecting their purchase. To achieve this goal, it is imperative to understand all aspects of your investment, and to understand all aspects of your investment, it is essential to receive as much knowledge on the topic as there is available, thus receiving full value of the purchase. The math here is simple, spend a trivial percentage of the original cost of purchase on the correct aspects, ie, dinner, and get full value entertainment from the entire home.


Training should allow your organization to internalize industry experts and ensure that the organization always has the correct people working on your network. The aim is to equip your organization to reach these predefined goals and objectives. The Partner Plus program is important first step, however there is an advanced level of Official IBM Training required. This is required to receive full value of the solution you are selling or purchasing.


How to achieve this? Partnering with the correct business partner to ensure you receive full value. The partner should show you the required steps, build your roadmap requirement, schedule your classes, and most importantly, ensure that you, the customer receives full value from your solution as well as your training. Your partner should offer E-Learning, Self-Paced Learning, Online Instructor Lead and In-Classroom Instructor Lead Training.


Afterall, training enables the company to ensure full value from the solution, and on a personal level, the achievement of an IBM Professional Certification demonstrates to your colleagues and employers your expertise in the related IBM Technologies and Solutions. This is what we strive for as humans, to be the best, have the best and ultimately ensure life is as easy as we make it. That is, knowledge is always power. And then, purchase the solution again, meaning, I received a brilliant solution, I utilized said solution to its fullest extent, hence, I received full value, meaning I will become a lifetime purchaser of the solution.

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