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WebSphere User Group (WUG) virtual roadshows are back

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Learn about recent improvements in Open Liberty and the OpenJ9 JVM performance, then get hands-on with a Liberty performance tuning lab

Join us for free in March for our virtual WUG Roadshow.  We’ll share recent improvements in Open Liberty and the OpenJ9 JVM on different performance metrics. Comparisons are done across multiple server platforms in order to quantify how well Open Liberty and OpenJ9 perform in those scenarios and why. We will look ahead and briefly discuss planned performance improvements across the Java stack, and coming enhancements to the Java language and to IBM hardware.

In the hands-on lab session we’ll demonstrate the main methods and tools to tune Liberty performance, which include investigating CPU usage, thread dumps, garbage collection, memory analysis, profiling, and more. The lab uses a free, downloadable DockerHub container with Liberty, a sample benchmark application, and performance tuning tools built in. We’ll cover the basics of the lab itself, how to install and use it, and demonstrate some of the key troubleshooting and performance tools that administrators should use day-to-day. You may either follow along with the instructor as they step through key steps of the lab, or run the lab yourself if you have Docker Desktop, podman, or access to a Kubernetes or OpenShift environment that you can remote into. You may ask questions to the instructor at any time. After the session, you may run the lab yourself by following the instructions on GitHub.


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