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Use IBM Data & AI Digital Learning Subscriptions to upskill the workforce

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90% of organizations do not have all the skills they need to be successful. More than 65% of global leaders cite talent and leadership shortages as their #1 business challenge. More positively, 84% of employees in best performing organizations are receiving the training they need which proves that educated employees are more likely to successfully respond to a changing business environments and embrace change if they have access to quality education.

Our Data & AI Expert Lab and Learning team is here to help organizations gain measurable value from a skilled workforce.  We have hundreds of technical, multi-day education courses from across the AI ladder that enable our clients to upskill at any time. New courses are created every quarter on our most strategic offerings.

Successful organizations prioritize continual learning. To make it easier to buy, we are launching two digital subscriptions. Start upskilling using curated learning journeys that will help guide your course selections or create your own journey from hundreds of courses in our catalog.

IBM Single User Digital Learning Subscription

This on-demand subscription can help one learner upskill with a flexible, cost-effective bundle of 9 product training courses that are relevant to their role and level of expertise. Individuals can consume 6 self-paced courses (any duration) with hands on labs and 3 web-based training courses across the entire Data & AI Portfolio within a 12 month period.

 IBM Enterprise Digital Learning Subscription

Organizations need individuals to build technical skills to help transform their business.  This subscription helps departments and teams keep pace with technology changes with a volume discount to upskill, providing 30 enrollments.

Highly flexible, for example:  Enable a team of 10 with mini Learning Journeys (3 courses each), or fewer employees can go deeper.

Why should clients consider a Subscription?

IBM Digital Learning Subscriptions are flexible and cost-efficient for both individual learners and for organizations.

  • Highly Flexible:  Learners consume content at their own pace. Enroll in digital courses with hands-on labs or eLearning courses anytime throughout the year.
  • Cost-Efficient: Pay one low price for a 12 month subscription in comparison to individual course purchases.

What is next?

  1. Explore content on the skills gateway for learning.
  2. Browse the Data & AI digital learning course catalog available for course selection.

Contact for more information and to put you in touch with a Sales Representative.

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