Building your eminence

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In our May Twitter chat on “eminence”, we asked four questions (and I have included some highlighted responses):

Q1: What is eminence? (Or, what does eminence look like in your industry?)

​​​​”​​​​​​​Your value as a professional is determined by how much value you create. The more value you create, the more valuable you become. Eminence is about creating value at the highest levels, and correspondingly, driving your value to the highest levels.”

Q2: Why is eminence important? 

“Eminence matters to the individual because when you work for a company you are apart of a large body. If you don’t add value to the body, how can you expect others to also add value? Therefore, how can you expect the company to grow?”

Q3: Can you share success stories on how your eminence created value? 

“<The> process of improving my communication skills allowed me to add value to the team because I was able to effectively communicate my ideas, and help build off theirs.”

Q4: How can you achieve eminence?

“From my perspective, it’s education, an environment that is supportive of trying things, and a willingness to go “all in” on a project. Like most things, it takes failure and practice to succeed.”

“In order to create value with your eminence, you must first realize that you have value within a team. After, leverage the skills you are good at, to fulfill a need of the team, and never stop improving those skills.”

In our continuing series, the next one on Thursday, June 20th at noon Eastern US time, will focus on “how to land a great career in cybersecurity. We expect lively discussion with the opportunity to engage a guest expert and network with your peers.

We will take July & August “off” from the chats (because of summer holidays would not be to our advantage) and will resume in September.

Please join us on June 20th at @IBMTraining on twitter

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