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Innovate, secure, support and modernize your core applications to accelerate your journey to cloud

You know that IBM Software Subscription and Support (S&S) provides access to updates, fixes and technical support. But did you know that S&S can help you modernize and accelerate your journey to cloud when you are ready?

S&S is your on-ramp to Cloud

IBM Software Subscription and Support is central to ensuring the currency, security and performance of your software. It’s value doesn’t stop there. Did you know, for example, that you can use your IBM Software Subscription and Support to accelerate your journey to Cloud with Cloud Paks.

IBM Cloud Paks – containerized, open source, enterprise-ready software solutions let you:

  • easily modernize existing applications to support cloud environments – with open, portable containers to improve time to value and avoid lock-in
  • deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or with pre-integrated systems to quickly bring workloads to production by leveraging Kubernetes as the management framework supporting production-level qualities of service and end-to-end lifecycle management
  • move core applications when you are ready to any cloud faster and deploy middleware in a consistent manner across multiple clouds

Cloud Paks offer:

  • capabilities for deployment, lifecycle management and production quality of service– logging, monitoring, version upgrade and roll-back, vulnerability assessment and testing
  • certification by IBM to run on Red Hat OpenShift, providing full software stack support
  • regular security, compliance and version compatibility updates


If your strategy is to move to cloud, S&S can help get you there with Cloud Paks

Reach out to your IBM rep or Business Partner to learn how.

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