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Skills Gap: 2015, 2016,…

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Learning from the history

I completed yesterday a short learning snipped around Digital Transformation. While working through this a link to an article came up from Gartner from 2015. The article highlighted, that already in 2015 65% of CIOs believed, that there is a talent crisis. I was surprised.

I remember I heard and read a lot last year around the Skills Gap. But thinking backwards I can’t remember anything in 2015. This reminds me once more: We should all pay much more attention to the Analysts, and be much more alerted once they bring up new topics.

Call to action: Close  the Skills Gap

When I add the above “history view” and the great study from David Zaharchuk lots of things are becoming clear. The summary is that we have to act fast. I think the combination of Gartners view from 2015 and David’s study frmo 2016 are showing clearly, that there is an opportunity to turn the skills gap into a solid opportunity for all of us working in the Learning Industry.

Turn the Skills Crisis into a Talent Platform?

Going on reading: Gartners article is speaking about the idea of turning the Skills Gap into a Talent Platform. I have today the view that executing the Digital transformation in the Learning Industry is the key. Reading now again Gartner I’m wondering if we should also revisit the idea of Talent Platforms? On the other hand: All studies are showing that the Digital Transformation is definitely helping to bridge the gap. And from my view we’re far from having complete the Transformation.


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