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Cloud Pak for Data – Learning 2020!

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I hope everyone is staying safe. As we look to wrap up 2020, I wanted to thank everyone for your support and wish you all the best in your journey to increase skills and to become more engaged in learning.

The idea is simple. We have an enterprise insights platform that can run anywhere. We support deploying Cloud Pak for Data, built on Red Hat OpenShift, on any of the major cloud providers including Google, Azure, AWS and IBM Cloud. You can also deploy on-prem to support a hybrid cloud approach. Cloud Pak for Data provides a layer of common foundational services to deliver a central user experience for all user personas. Beyond the foundational layer, Cloud Pak for Data has a large catalog of services with the capabilities to fast track organizations on their end-to-end data and AI journey.

To that end, I want to share our 3 types of learning offerings to enable you to be engaged users of Cloud Pak for Data.

1: Digital courses

To get started on the learning journey to deliver business results, here are 8 digital eLearning courses:

  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data Foundations 6X336G
  • IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Machine Learning for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 6X338G
  • IBM Watson OpenScale for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 6X340G
  • IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 6X341G
  • IBM SPSS Modeler for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 6X334G
  • IBM Cognos Analytics for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 6X337G
  • IBM Decision Optimization for IBM Cloud Pak for Data 6X342G
  • IBM Watson Assistant Methodology W7070G

2: Badges

As you explore the courses and start to gain knowledge, we offer FREE digital credentials validate your skills.

Start with the Essentials badge and continue with one or more of the role-based badges that suit your role.

* (auto-issued after earning the required badges)

3: Professional Certifications

Beyond courses and badges, we also offer IBM Professional Certifications, giving you the ability to earn the credentials to demonstrate your expertise and to establish a level of proficiency to perform role-related tasks. For those that are interested in pursuing Professional Certifications for Cloud Pak for Data, check out a few of the learning paths designed to help you prepare for the exams.

Bonus: Digital Learning Subscriptions

Last, but not least, I’m pleased to announce new courses added to our learning subscription. These new set of offerings will enable you to learn faster at your own pace. If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to see what is available, check out the Enterprise Digital Learning Subscription or the Individual Data/AI Subscription.

Subscription users can access new content added to the following courses as soon as it becomes available, allowing you to learn in smaller chunks, as your time permits. Without a subscription, clients can enroll in the course when all of the content is complete.

  • Introduction to IBM Netezza Performance Server
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Day 2 Operations

If you need more info, have any questions, or just want to say hello, please leave a comment or reach out to, we would love to hear from you!

Thank you and Happy Learning!

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