IBM Supports New Ways of Teaching and Learning in the Virtual Age

By , Colette Lacroix , and Jennifer Roynon | 3 minute read | March 30, 2020

Student learning on her laptop

COVID-19 has presented new challenges to businesses, consumers and academia. As we navigate the world around us during this uncertain time, we at IBM — like you — are in the midst of learning how to deliver services in new and innovative ways. The health and safety of citizens remains the top priority, but as healthcare workers, governments, school boards and others navigate this new world, we at IBM are marshalling our technology and capability to respond and solve the most difficult challenges.

The disruption in education faced as a result of this global pandemic, seems unparalleled. Many Canadians are working or learning from home for the first time as our economy adjusts to a changing office landscape. Others are joining colleagues who have been working remotely for decades. Together, we’re building a cohesive network of comradery without so much as a high-five.

Many of you have made or been impacted by strategic decisions to close campuses, extend March break, and move towards virtual teaching and learning. The IBM team is here to support Canada’s faculty, students and families across academia by offering tools and resources to meet this new reality in real time. For most institutions, this new way of educating brings both opportunities and challenges. We want you to know — we’re here for you. Whether you’re a professor, lecturer, teacher, student or parent navigating this new environment, consider the ready-to-deploy resources available to you from IBM:

IBM Skills
A set of free online programs and courses that give you the tools to explore new ideas, careers and courses. It includes learning recommendations for high school students and high school teachers with topics ranging from artificial intelligence, cyber security, quantum computing, cloud computing and more.

IBM Academic Initiative
A self-service program that provides students and faculty at accredited academic institutions with access to select IBM resources at no-charge for classroom and non-commercial research purposes. You can create a new course, add a practical lab, or develop relevant use cases by leveraging relevant online resources like IBM virtual learning.

University Guest Lectures
Delivered by IBM Academic Ambassadors, the new University Guest Lectures feature amazing lectures in 28 strategic technology areas, offered in 22 different languages. Faculty can request any available lecture for their classes, and it can be provided digitally.

IBM AI Education Series for Teachers
An immersive and interactive learning suite of online experiences crafted to guide teachers through foundational concepts around artificial intelligence. This is for you if you know a teacher! IBM AI Education is designed to educate and inspire educators at all levels around what AI is, the ethics behind AI and tools and resources to bring AI into the classroom once school resumes.

Digital learning for students, special resources for teachers, industry recognized digital badges to bump up your resume. This is for you if you have kids aged 14-20 years old at home who are looking to build their technology chops in their off time, or you want to add some new certifications to that long list of credentials!

As you learn to navigate this new set-up, we encourage you to take advantage of this digital content while we have the time to explore it, and don’t hesitate to share with your network!Social media, group chats — spread the word! These new tools present a great opportunity for learners of all ages to keep up with the technology and skills of tomorrow. So, experiment! Have some fun with technologies that might be new to you or your students. And come back often as resources will be updated continuously.IBM is here to provide the resources you need during this unprecedented time. We hope these tools are helpful to you.

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