Leverage IBM Academic Initiative resources for virtual learning

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Virtual learning and home schooling may be our new normal for some time to come so today we highlight some of our favorite resources from the IBM Academic Initiative that can be used for virtual learning and instruction of students K-12 to college and beyond. What is the IBM Academic Initiative? The IBM Academic Initiative is a globally available, self-service program that provides students and faculty at accredited academic institutions with access to select IBM resources at no-charge for classroom and non-commercial research purposes. The foundation for many of these resources is convenient access to IBM Cloud Lite. Create a new course, add a practical lab, develop relevant use cases, request a guest lecture or sign up for streaming services, by leveraging the online resources from the IBM Academic Initiative.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Lite [Software]
Get started for free on the IBM Cloud with your Lite account. No credit card required. No time limits. Access a catalog of more than 40 services, including IBM Watson APIs.

TJBot [Resources]
Have some fun and code your own AI robot with TJBot, a do-it-yourself template to learn, experiment with, and explore AI using IBM Watson services. Get started with easy, step-by-step Instructions and pre-written recipes to bring TJBot to life.

Tinker & Rebus, A Virtual TJBot [Friendly for K-12]
Tinker and Rebus tells the story of Tinker the TJBot and his pal Rebus the Bee. Tinker is a virtual TJBot who lives in the screen of your iPad (physical TJBot not required!). Teach Tinker how to shine, wave, understand emotions, and translate languages in order to perform the Secret Dance of the TJBot and transform him into a real TJBot! Get Swift Playground from the Apple App Store then import TJBot by IBM, from Additional Publishers, into your Playground.

Learn more about IBM Cloud by visiting

Data Science

Data Science Foundations – Level 1 [Badges]
This badge attests that the following skills have been obtained by the holder: 1) Good understanding of the Data Scientist profession; 2) Can express clearly the skills Data Scientists have; 3) Can discuss different use cases where Data Science has been relevant to solve real problems.

DS4All –  [Courseware]

An Open Source project created to accelerate the creation of data science curriculum at academic institutions. The project hosts educational modules that may be used as building blocks for a data science curriculum.

Learn more about IBM Data Science by visiting

IBM Blockchain

Blockchain for Dummies [Resources]
The Blockchain for Dummies book has use cases describing real blockchain networks, the latest from the IBM Blockchain Platform and more.

IBM Blockchain Essentials [Badges]
Earners of this badge have a deep knowledge of blockchain concepts, such as smart contracts, ledgers, business networks, participants, Hyperledger Composer; earners also know how to model and build a simple blockchain network and a JavaScript application that queries the ledger.

Learn more about IBM Blockchain by visiting

IBM Quantum Computing

IBM Q Experience [Resources]
Explore the world of quantum computing! Check out our User Guides and interactive Demos to learn more about quantum principles. Or, dive right in to create and run algorithms on real quantum computing hardware, using the Quantum Composer and QISKit software developer kit.

Qiskit for Educators [Courseware]
Qiskit makes it easy to start learning quantum software to run on real quantum hardware. Teach your students with the same tools used by scientists and engineers worldwide to accelerate research towards practical applications for quantum computing

Learn more about Quantum Computing at IBM by visiting

IBM Watson / Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning For Kids [Resources] [Friendly for K-12]
This free tool introduces machine learning by providing hands-on experiences for training machine learning systems and building things with them. It provides an easy-to-use guided environment for training machine learning models to recognize text, numbers, images, or sounds.

IBM Watson Machine Learning Essentials [Badges]
Watson Machine Learning is a service on IBM Cloud with features for training and deploying machine learning models and neural networks. This course consists of a series of videos showing how to use the Watson Machine Learning in Watson Studio.

Learn more about IBM Watson and Artificial Intelligence by visiting

IBM Security

IBM Security Learning Academy [Courseware]
Get free technical training for IBM Security products. You can explore the course catalog and build your own curriculum by enrolling in courses.

Learn more about IBM Security by visiting


IBM Global Student Hub [Resources]

The Hub, part of the IBM Z and LinuxOne Community, is not only a platform for students; it is a learning platform for all. Anyone interested in learning the latest and greatest about enterprise computing and career development is welcome to join our weekly webinars

Master the Mainframe [Resources]
Master the Mainframe is a fun way to learn, earn digital badges and experience hands-on mainframe technology with no prior knowledge required! Available as a Learning System all year around or yearly, the IBM Z Academic Initiative sponsors a Master the Mainframe global contest where academic students over the age of 13 can learn while vying to win prizes.

IBM Z Academic Cloud [Resources]
no-charge access to z/OS for teaching and research purposes for academics and students only, and is not available for computer hobbyists or self-education.

LinuxOne Community Cloud [Resources]
No-charge, open access to an enterprise grade Linux environment with code-patterns and tutorials to get you up and running to quickly solve real problems.

IBM z15 Virtual Tour [Resources]

Meet the new IBM z15. Have a closer look inside a modern mainframe and see how IBM Z systems are designed to bring privacy, security and resiliency to your mission-critical workloads on hybrid cloud.

Learn more about IBM Z by visiting

IBM Power Systems

Cognitive Class [Courseware]
Cognitive Class, an IBM community initiative, is not like other on-line training sites. Our content is free, access to tool sets used within the courses is free, and we have designed our courses to be accessed at your pace based on your priorities.

Learn more about IBM Power Systems by visiting

IBM University Guest Lectures

Expert IBMers have contributed amazing lectures in 28 strategic technology areas, offered in 22 different languages. Faculty can request any available lecture for their classes, and it can be provided digitally. We are encouraging our technical community to add new lectures often. This is the wave of the future, and it’s available to you right now.

Search for relevant lectures by visiting

Other Cool Activities for All Ages

IBM PonderThis

IBM Research invites you to challenge your mind with a monthly mathematical challenge.Learn More by visiting

IBM Video Streaming Services

K-12 education and government workers in the U.S. and Italy complimentary, are eligible for free, 90 days access to the IBM Video Streaming platform, a one-to-many streaming video solution that harnesses the power of Watson AI to connect global audiences across desktop, laptop and mobile.

Learn more by visiting

IBM Engineering

Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) Game [Resources]

Test your requirements management skills. Play this interactive game now to see if you can spot the best requirement from the list. Can you beat Watson?

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next [Software]

DOORS Next is a scalable solution to optimize communication, collaboration, and verification of requirements. It enables teams to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements while maintaining compliance to regulations and standards.

Learn more about IBM Engineering by visiting


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