IBM Cloud, HyTrust and Intel cloud offering helps ensure security and data compliance

New regulations call for new solutions. On 25 May, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in the European Union (EU), with sharper teeth than any other compliance regulation to date. With tighter controls and higher penalties, the new law enforces data sovereignty like never before, forever impacting the way EU […]

Cloud-based managed firewall protects children using IBM Analytics

Many parents wouldn’t dream of letting their young children use an internet-connected device without some type of filter. It’s important to protect young web searchers from arriving at undesirable websites. An innocent enough search term could be a double entendre, leading impressionable minds to things better left unseen. One approach for parents is to install […]

Why true cloud adoption is increasingly important

Recently, I have noticed that the subject of cloud conversations I have with clients has shifted. They are moving away from asking “How do I start with cloud?” and focusing more on this request: “We have cloud; help us adopt and make full use of it.” Cloud adoption is important and can be easily overlooked. […]

US Army taps IBM for $62 million private cloud data center

For the United States Army, security is a top concern. It’s a big reason why it chose IBM to build out and manage a private cloud data center at its Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama. The contract for the data center would be worth $62 million over five years, if the Army exercises all its […]

Data security is a must for building a digital business

Then-FBI Director Robert Mueller said in 2012, “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.” Companies — both business-to-business and business-to-consumer — are driven more than ever to rapidly adapt to digital business. The ways companies and their customers seek and consume information, make purchase decisions, […]

5 ways smart companies keep internal cloud video secure

It’s not hard to see why so many businesses have adopted cloud-based streaming video. It’s an ideal way for an organization to stream a CEO presentation, introduce a marketing campaign, launch a new product, or encourage employee training and collaboration. The benefits abound, but many business leaders have nagging concerns about security and data protection. A […]

5 must-haves for building the right cloud from Elevate NYC 2016

A few years ago, the question facing IT leaders was, “Are you moving to the cloud?” Now, the question has become, “Are you getting the most out of your cloud?” Organizations in every part of the economy — from retail and finance to government and education —  have adopted the cloud as an integral part […]

Why can’t all cloud providers deliver adequate security?

IT security is a top priority for most CIOs. After all, gaps in infrastructure could leave their companies and customers vulnerable to attacks. So when evaluating a cloud managed services provider, asking the right security questions can be critical in determining if the solution is a good fit. Choosing a cloud solution that meets a […]

Direct Link facilitates secure and scalable hybrid clouds

Many organizations use cloud computing services to reduce information technology (IT) costs and take advantage of new business opportunities. For enterprises that have traditionally built and operated (or leased) their own IT infrastructure, the proliferation of mobile and web applications, ever-increasing sources of data, and easy access to advanced cloud analytics have created an application […]

Can a secure private cloud excel in an on-premises VMware environment?

IT departments have a lot on their plates. A typical IT department managing workloads and systems is measured by key performance indicators (KPIs) including security, addressing service failures, restoring systems quickly, minimizing the mean time to repair, helping improve staff efficiency by being proactive and not reactive, aiming for a faster deployment of services, minimizing […]

4 cloud adoption challenges for the Asia-Pacific region

Business leaders must weigh a number of options in the process of choosing a cloud computing platform or service. Not only do they have to pick the service that will best fit their business needs, but they also have to find just the right mix of options to ensure security, accessibility, meet regulatory requirements, and […]

Bringing secure blockchain services to the cloud

Blockchain has a number of different uses, but some users are hesitant to dive in because of security concerns. In some cases, the decentralized control of the system—a permissionless database with an ever-growing list of data records—could leave back doors open for unauthorized access. IBM is looking to alleviate those concerns with a new, cloud-based […]