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Top supply chain trends in retail for 2023

3 min read - The COVID-19 pandemic and recent global disruptions have exposed the vulnerability of supply chains, and perhaps no industry felt the impact more than retail. Today, retail businesses continue to grapple with an array of issues such as inflation and supply chain risks, relentless consumer demand, supply shocks, trade restrictions, labor shortages and constraints, and dependence on “just-in-time” inventory systems. At the recent annual National Retail Federation (NRF) trade show in New York, I spoke with some of the industry’s top…

Save energy, decarbonize and transition to renewables while operationalizing sustainability

4 min read - Recent political and climate-related environmental events have impacted energy sourcing, supply and costs. The resulting energy crisis impacts all countries, industries, sectors and societies across Europe. Combined with imminent reporting requirements from the European Commission, saving and securing energy sustainably and moving to renewable energy sources equitably is imperative. The immediate energy crisis coincides with the equally crucial long-term journey to sustainability. A traditional management mindset could see this imperative as an onerous obligation that could cut into profitability. But…

Operationalizing transformation with supply chain BPO

3 min read - Enterprises almost always look to external partners for consulting and technology acumen to accelerate and de-risk supply chain transformation journeys. But too often transformations fail to deliver on their full vision and business case. Frequently that’s because the “last mile” of the transformation—business process operations (BPO)—didn’t get fully activated. To address this, sophisticated transformation leaders are picking consulting partners who can deliver from advisory to operations, bringing deep operational expertise and capacity to truly forge a trusted partnership for the…

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