Constantin Altroc

Director, Global CTO Safer Payments, IBM Distinguished Industry Leader, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software
Pioneering inventor, system architect, and top-level manager of developers and experts in the field of payment fraud prevention and payment security. Extensive research experience augmented by hard-nosed implementation of large-scale fielded systems. Proven subject-matter expert and prolific communicator in his field. Constantin began investigating architectures for real-time decision engines and artificial intelligence at Hewlett-Packard’s Silicon Valley research laboratories in 1984. Turning to real-world systems, he began developing and consulting on the development and implementation of real-time decision architectures in an array of fields. His experience led him to an early recognition that such architectures were ideally suited to payment fraud. Over his career, Constantin has designed 41 large-scale fraud prevention systems targeting a gamut of transaction environments. Enterprises operating payment fraud systems designed by him include: T-Mobile, Commerzbank, First Data, and Lloyds Banking Group. In total, he has designed fraud prevention systems protecting 714 million customer accounts. Constantin holds a growing number of patents in the area of fraud prevention and has seven published books and 33 research papers on real-time decision making and artificial intelligence. His current work focuses on fielding systems to combat payment fraud. This is an area of rapidly increasing importance due to emerging business models enabled by smart mobile devices and social networks. As a result of his 25 year commitment to communicating knowledge and real-world experience to other practitioners, Constantin is a recognized pioneer and a sought-after consultant, teacher, and lecturer in his field. Constantin has grown and co-founded a number of fintech companies over the past 20 years. He sold his last company IRIS Analytics, of which he was the majority shareholder and managing director, to IBM in 2015, and became IBM’s Director of Counter Fraud Management in 2016.
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