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Antiquated processes hobble many trade finance systems, resulting in risk and higher costs. IBM Blockchain solutions for trade finance are built on our market-leading blockchain services and platform — helping you establish new trading partnerships, uncover new liquidity pools and create new business models. Now you can rely on distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, enhanced security, built-in governance and extensive control capabilities for real-time access to trade finance data.

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of SME trade finance requests are denied¹


trillion USD is the resulting global trade finance gap¹

Reimagine what’s possible in trade A better trade experience is here for buyers and sellers of all sizes. IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance solutions can help you. Lower risk and operational costs

Quickly process credits and guarantees electronically, gain deep insights into client financial positions and transaction histories, and monitor transactions from start to finish.

Find new opportunities and markets

Discover revenue opportunities through a new class of transparent, risk-mitigated and standardized trade finance and trade credit insurance solutions.

Establish leadership in a new era of trade

Foster greater trust and transparency in cross-border trading. Enjoy first-mover advantages by convening new trade networks and creating new trading hubs.

Leadership in trade facilitation

We’re reinventing complex trade processes to help start, accelerate and innovate blockchain networks — including the successful production development of, now comprised of 15 banks across Europe.

Network-convening prowess

Our unrivaled experience in strategy, rapid product development, governance and regulation helps blockchain networks expand membership — and join forces with others.

Trusted business expertise

IBM knows trade and trade processes, complex systems integration, regulated industries, and — with 500+ client engagements to date — how to unlock blockchain value. We provide the entire stack to run your business.

IBM is a Leader in IDC’s MarketScape Blockchain Services 2020 study
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IBM Food Trust helps growers, distributors and retailers build trust and make our food safer, by enhancing visibility and accountability in every step of the food supply.

Container logistics: Building trust between supply chain partners

TradeLens gives you access to one truth across the supply chain with an open and neutral platform updated and validated in near real-time by each network participant.

Supplier management: Digital identity verification for procurement

Trust Your Supplier is a blockchain-enabled, trusted source of supplier information and digital identity that reduces risk while simplifying and accelerating supplier onboarding and supplier management.

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Advancing global trade with blockchain

Check out this webinar to explore the benefits that blockchain offers by supplying trusted data that can be shared across interconnected networks in digital marketplaces.

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Learn how to start developing with the open source Hyperledger Fabric and IBM Blockchain.

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