we.trade strengthens collaboration with IBM

To make international trade faster and more efficient, we.trade — a  blockchain-based platform — will work with IBM to help speed its global commercialization.

Pull down invisible barriers to growth

Massive volumes of antiquated processes clog today’s trade and trade finance systems. This exposes institutions involved in trade to operational risk and high costs – and prevents many enterprises from accessing the credit they need to grow.

IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance can change this. The unrivaled combination of our comprehensive advisory services and the industry’s leading blockchain for business platform can help you facilitate new trading partnerships, uncover new liquidity pools and create new business models.

Let’s work together to tackle today’s biggest trade challenges


of SME trade finance requests are denied¹


trillion USD is the resulting global trade finance gap¹

Reimagine what's possible in trade

A better trade experience is here for buyers and sellers of all sizes. With everything from matching engines of bank-verified participants to automatic, event-based payments, IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance solutions make it easier for enterprises everywhere to find, trust and transact with each other.

The IBM Blockchain Platform makes it all possible. Its distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, security, built-in governance and control capabilities give institutions real-time access to trade finance data and information. This helps to mitigate risk, eliminate wait times, and increase transparency well beyond other digitization initiatives.

Lead a new world of trade network partnerships

Removing longstanding friction can lead to new levels of trust and transparency – not just in trade finance, but across any trade network facilitating the movement of goods, documents and funds.

Networks built with IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance are designed to expand beyond regional or geographic boundaries, interconnecting with other trade finance networks to establish trusted trading corridors – and eventually – true trading hubs.

Soon, these networks will interconnect with blockchain-based industry networks that manage food safety and provenance data, documentary supply chain activities and others.

How you can benefit

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Lower risk and operational costs significantly

Quickly process documentary credits, collection and guarantees electronically; gain deep insights into client financial positions and transaction histories; monitor transactions from start to finish and more.

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Bring new opportunities to new market segments

Unlock new business opportunities for clients and new revenue opportunities for you through a new class of transparent, risk-mitigated and standardized trade finance and trade credit insurance solutions.

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Establish leadership in a new era of trade

Inject greater trust and transparency into cross-border trading corridors. This gives you first-mover advantages in convening new trade networks and creating new trading hubs.

How to get started with the IBM Blockchain team

Join an existing network

  • Join any trade finance network operating in the region
  • Augment data and document collection process
  • Pilot onboarding and connecting to a blockchain network

Timeframe: 1-3 months
Design thinking workshop + Pilot

Build a network within your ecosystem

  • Improve today’s trade finance and supply chain financing processes with blockchain
  • Deploy blockchain pilot with top participating entities in your ecosystem
  • Move to production and extend network to tier 2-3 suppliers

Timeframe: 3-6 months
Pilot + Production Launch

Co-create a new network

  • Collaborate with other institutions to start, convene or expand a national trade finance consortium
  • Integrate into existing trade finance networks
  • Define and launch product offerings using new ecosystem access

Timeframe: 3-6 months
Pilot + Production Launch

Interconnect with other trade networks

  • Connect to established blockchain and back-end ERP systems
  • Cross-leverage trade finance functionalities and integrate solutions
  • Achieve seamless systems integration

Timeframe: 3-6 months
Launch pilot interconnected blockchain network

The IBM Blockchain difference

Leadership in trade facilitation

We’re reinventing complex trade processes to help start, accelerate and innovate blockchain networks – including successful production development of we.trade, now comprised of 13 banks across Europe.

Network-convening prowess

Our unrivaled experience in strategy, rapid product development, governance and regulation helps blockchain networks expand membership – and join forces with others.

Trusted business expertise

IBM knows trade and trade processes, complex systems integration, working in regulated industries, and – with 500+ client engagements to date – how to unlock blockchain value. We provide the entire stack to run your business.

Resources from IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance

Reducing the cost of trade

Read how governments and industry bodies are now focused on reducing the procedures, paperwork and administrative formalities that add to the cost of trade.

we.trade: more trust, more trade

With a mission to make trade finance easier and more efficient, we.trade is helping companies of all sizes trade across borders.

The human element in blockchain success

In our in-depth Value Visionaries series, we.trade co-founder Roberto Mancone talks about bringing blockchain vision to life – and how understanding human behavior was crucial to the team’s success.

Simplicity comes to European trade finance

Raphel Barisaac of UniCredit describes how his SME clients can now access trade finance opportunities and standardized trade processes across Europe.

What will we solve together?

Tap into the expertise of IBM Blockchain for Trade Finance to build trust and transparency through new trading partnerships, liquidity pools and business models across trade ecosystems.

Blockchain grid

¹ https://www.wto.org/english/res_e/statis_e/wts2018_e/wts2018_e.pdf