Verifying learning credentials: A process in need of change

A trusted learning credential represents proof of the skills earned by an individual and verified by the issuer. The requestor, such as an employer, receives confirmation that a prospective employee has the desired background. It also provides employers and employees tools to match employees to jobs of the future, and points them to the education they will need to be prepared.

A skills-based economy has driven the use of skills-based credentials. In the US alone, there are at least 738,000+ unique credentials being issued by a myriad of organizations. To put these credentials to use and increase their value for decision-making, the Learning Credential Network is designed to ease the management and exchange of credentials — providing a secure and trusted source for all skills-based credentials.

Making learning credential management easier for everyone

Quickly match achievements to opportunities

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Helps learners to build their careers and look for employment opportunities that match their record of achievement and experience — and then share their verified credentials with employers.

Help prevent credential fraud

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Employers can rapidly and efficiently find and verify credentials to assess job candidates with the right background to match the position requirements.

Improve the guidance for learners and employees

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Educational institutions and credential issuers can better support their learners and employees managing their education and skills-based credentials, and provide insights into the value of their skills for jobs of the future.

Easier analytics of the data across networks

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Users can verify the provenance of a credential, while compassing tools provide insight into the alignment of skills to careers and interoperability between different skills-based blockchains.

Increased 2-way access to data

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Data wallets provide individuals autonomous control of their credentials earned and a secure tool for multiple credential issuers to share those credentials with an individual.

Greater efficiency to help reduce costs

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Eliminate the inefficient processes for issuing credentials with secure and trusted sharing of them between multiple credential issuers — without need for a centralized database.

The life of a learning credential

Follow the life of a learning credential as it moves through the LCN applications to provide a secure and trusted way to connect workers and employers.

Consortium launches learning credential network

The leading U.S. student data clearinghouse, largest online university, and one of the largest veterinary health organizations are working with IBM to develop a blockchain-based platform that manages the exchange of skills-based credentials. This successful pilot used anonymized data and transactions to reduce credential management time from months down to minutes.  With this network, they were able to issue, manage, exchange, and verify credentials.

We can help you join an existing network or co-create a new one for you

The IBM Blockchain advantage for credentialing

Dependability you can count on

Our platform is recognized as an industry leader by IDC, Everest Group, Juniper Research, HFS Research, and BRG among others. And our 24x7x365 support stands tested and ready.

Enabled for growth and flexibility

You can easily add other organizations with different on-premises IT infrastructures. Our multi-cloud capability means you can add users running on any third-party cloud environment.

Blockchain expertise for smarter enterprises

Today’s early movers know that blockchain works thanks to help from more than 1,600 IBM business and technical experts working on more than 500 IBM Blockchain projects so far.

Blockchain consulting and services

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