Solving the identity problem

The role of blockchain

Your data and identity are your most important assets. Blockchain is the missing component that enables trust in relationships without the need for an intermediary identity provider. This is a new era of trust where establishing, proving, verifying and controlling identity are decentralized.

Decentralized Identity Network

IBM is helping to create, operate and maintain permissioned decentralized identity networks built using Hyperledger Indy DLT, such as Sovrin. Sovrin provides a global public identity utility, a new home for self-sovereign identity applications.

The importance of standards

Common standards allow different networks to resolve identities, exchange attribute attestations, manage public/ private keys, authenticate Decentralized ID and more.

Decentralized ID and Authentication

Decentralized identifiers (DIDs) allow people, organizations and devices to be resolved across multiple networks.

Verifiable credentials

Provides a baseline framework for how attributes attestations are exchanged between issuers, verifiers, and owner/ holders of identity.

Key management

Decentralized Key Management System (DKMS) is establishing a common protocol for managing public/private keys.

Explore industry use cases

Learn how different parties can work together to verify trusted identity.


Trace how a patient, her doctor’s office, a third-party clinic, insurance company and DMV office coordinate trusted identity verification for routine blood work.


See how a bank helps a customer apply for a loan using government-issued ID and proof of employment while adhering to federal Know Your Customer regulations.


Learn how government can coordinate with car dealerships and insurance companies to help drivers seamlessly prove their identity, vehicle ownership and proof of insurance.

Explore communities

IBM Blockchain Trusted Identity™ is actively working with others to help clients onboard and interoperate in a world of many networks.

Learn about the distributed ledger, purpose-built for decentralized identity from The Linux Foundation.

Building an open source decentralized identity ecosystem for people, organizations, apps, and devices.

Hosted by The Linux Foundation, explore the blockchain framework of the IBM Blockchain Platform.

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How do we start tackling the existing identity problem?

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