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Presenting the decentralized approach to identity management

Decentralized identity is how individuals control when, where and with whom they share their credentials. In the physical world, we take this sharing of credentials for granted – yet a secure, smart way to do this has been long missing in the digital world.

That’s about to change. Try our free alpha version of IBM Verify Credentials to see how we’re creating a decentralized approach to identity management – enabled by blockchain – building on top of open standards in combination with Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other standards groups.

Pushing identity to the edges of the network

A new ecosystem of trust for individuals

As part of a global, public permissioned blockchain ledger, IBM Verify Credentials makes it possible for known, trusted issuing organizations to issue credentials to individuals. In turn, those individuals can hold and present credentials to verifying organizations of their choosing.

A positive impact for enterprises

Costly password resets, emerging privacy regulations and other identity management challenges force enterprises to shift resources from their core business strategies. IBM Verify Credentials allows enterprises to exchange new permissioned data sets with trust, while keeping the relationship they have with their end users.

Backed by the strength of IBM Verify

As emerging models like decentralized identity are established, IBM Verify offers a suite of authentication solutions providing a steady migration and evolution of technology without disrupting existing business process workflows.

Try our free alpha version

Discover how to use IBM Verify Credentials as you build a decentralized identity application to open a bank account with the fictional BigBlue Credit Union.

Learn about components

Use this alpha version to understand how components like agents, SDKS and samples, and credential managers work together.


Create your account to deploy and manage agents. Then manage credentials on mobile devices and desktops by downloading the mobile app and Chrome extension.


Use provided sample apps to get your first verifiable credential from a government institution and IBM HR. You will then use those issued credentials to prove who you are to Big Blue Credit Union.


Download the IBM Verify Credentials SDK to start developing your decentralized identity application. The SDK provides a simplified experience to programmatically issue and verify credentials

Decentralized identity with IBM

Establish highly available decentralized identity networks

Leveraging our global IBM Cloud and System Z architecture, we’re providing the technical and security expertise necessary to bring trusted identity to life.

Participate and interoperate in a world of many networks

Participate and interoperate in a world of many networks

Build business and identity solutions on top of open standards like W3C DID and Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), Oasis and others.

Transform business process workflow with AI and industry expertise

Infuse decentralized identity into processes like Know Your Customer (KYC) to instill more trust while optimizing costs through capabilities like Watson FSS and industry expertise from Promontory.

Work with IBM Garage™ to build and deploy decentralized identity solutions

Leverage leading minds and proven methodologies

Leverage leading minds and proven methodologies

With IBM Garage, you’ll work side-by-side with our top designers, developers and architects using IBM Garage methods, transforming ideas on paper into decentralized identity management solutions

Design Thinking workshop

Design Thinking workshop

Apply IBM Design Thinking principles to evaluate current business processes, identify the identity use case/ecosystem and define the Minimum Viable Prototype (MVP) for your decentralized identity solution.

Minimum Viable Prototype build-up

Minimum Viable Prototype build-up

Develop a functioning decentralized identity prototype using agile methodologies, leveraging experts in IBM Verify Credentials, UX/UI design and development, and cloud architecture.

Sovrin Steward hosting

Value for Hyperledger Indy networks

Our technical expertise can help you learn how IBM as cloud provider can provide value for HyperLedger Indy networks by deploying validator nodes with high availability and security. This includes support for accepted Sovrin Stewards as part of running and operating validator nodes on the Sovrin Network.

Learn more about decentralized identity

Decentralized identity is the point-to-point exchange of information about people, organizations or things – enabled by blockchain – created specifically for a world of many networks, implemented on global standards.

What will we solve together?

IBM Verified Credentials is committed to creating secure, blockchain-enabled trusted identity for everyone on the internet.