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Blockchain: ready to revolutionize advertising media buying

Learn why Blockchain is poised to solve some of the most pressing problems facing advertisers and publishers.

The key to blockchain success: focus on your business outcomes

In today’s digital economy, vast amounts of value are trapped inside processes and organizations that don’t connect. That’s a challenge we can solve together.

Working with IBM Blockchain Services breaks down those barriers to create new business networks with more trust and transparency. Leverage our blockchain experts, proven methodologies and advanced technologies to drive gamechanging business outcomes.

Key to blockchain

Achieve results throughout your blockchain journey

Starter Services: Create or join a network

Engage our blockchain experts to:

  • Design business value
  • Evaluate and select use case
  • Rapidly develop a prototype
  • Establish minimum viable network
  • Progress into pilot

Acceleration Services: Commercialize your network

Capitalize on our proven methodologies and expertise to:

  • Advance to a production network
  • Define governance and operating model
  • Onboard members
  • Integrate processes and systems

Innovation Services: Extend a network

Leverage our ecosystems and established capabilities to:

  • Design for new business value
  • Add technologies like AI and IoT
  • Refine commercial model
  • Combine established networks and scale

No one is faster or delivers more

More than 1500 technical and industry experts at IBM Blockchain Services rapidly turn blockchain investments into commercial success in financial services, supply chain, healthcare, retail, government and many other industries.


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How clients are creating new business models and reshaping their industries.

AIG: Creating the first blockchain multinational insurance policy in 8 weeks Competitors collaborating on a trade finance solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Golden State Foods: Ensuring food quality with fresh thinking in blockchain, AI and IoT

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Explore top use cases

Discover how blockchain for business is remaking the way entire industries work.

Best practices from early adopters

Learn the secrets of success from early blockchain business networks.

How to be a Blockchain network founder

Lessons from 100s of client engagements – The Founder's Handbook.

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Let’s go beyond the technology to deliver the business outcomes you’re looking for.