Major ocean carriers to join TradeLens

The power of one truth across the supply chain network

IBM Blockchain creates solutions that impact all facets of the supply chain, with a particular focus on logistics. Traceability and transparency are some of the most important foundations of logistics, and IBM Blockchain can optimize business transactions and trading relationships with robustly secure, global business networks.

With solutions like TradeLens – the new, open and neutral blockchain-powered platform built to support global trade – major shipping and logistics players are benefitting from a shared ledger that’s updated and validated instantaneously with each network participant. The results are greater collaboration, streamlined inventory management, improved asset utilization and more.

Blockchain’s potential impact is substantial

Replacing traditional processes with blockchain could help transform trade – and the world economy.


increase in global GDP¹


increase in trade volume¹

Greater supply chain efficiency – now updated over a million times a day

To keep containerized freight shipments moving smoothly and predictably, you want the big picture and the details of every transaction at your fingertips. This industry advancement is delivered through TradeLens, the global supply chain platform designed to promote a more efficient, predictable and secure exchange of information. TradeLens is now available to all members of the shipping and logistics ecosystem.

Supply chain transformation with IBM Blockchain is already underway

New clarity for food supply complexity

IBM Food Trust™ uses blockchain technology to create unprecedented visibility and accountability in the food supply chain, connecting growers, processors, distributors, and retailers through a permissioned, permanent and shared record of food system data.

Can blockchain revolutionize international trade?

This comprehensive World Trade Organization study reports that blockchain is a technology that will change the lives of many, with potential uses well beyond the world of cryptocurrencies.

A recipe for reinvention

Learn how Golden State Foods is working with their restaurant clients to ensure food quality with fresh thinking that combines blockchain, AI and IoT technologies.

Orchestrating tomorrow’s supply chain

Supply chain leaders and the Enterprise Resource Planning systems they manage are driving their organizations and ecosystems to maximize the usefulness of data.

What’s the potential ROI of IBM Blockchain?

We commissioned a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report to help you identify the cost, benefits, flexibilities and risk factors of working with IBM Blockchain. The research is based on Forrester’s TEI methodology, financial model framework and case studies, plus interviews with IBM Blockchain stakeholders and customers. Register now to watch our latest webinar and read the report to project your cost savings and the business benefits of working with IBM Blockchain.

Discover why IBM Blockchain Services is ranked #1

IBM Blockchain has been named the leading services provider by Juniper Research² and HFS Research³. Learn how to rapidly simplify blockchain complexity, unlock new value and scale up competitive advantages with our help.

What will we solve together?

Learn how to accelerate innovation and transform your supply chain with IBM Blockchain.

¹World Economic Forum’s 2013 report Enabling Trade: Valuing Growth Opportunities