Our goal: total confidence in digital identity

It’s a new day in digital identity management. One where identity owners have more control of their most personal information – and where businesses can worry less about managing it. Where identity issuers and verifiers can work better together today, while being able to scale together for tomorrow.

IBM is joining other digital identity leaders to design and implement global standards for the internet’s long-missing identity layer: decentralized, point-to-point exchange of information about people, organizations, or things – enabled by blockchain – created specifically for a world of many networks.

Building digital identity benefits for everyone

For identity owners

  • Control flow of personal data
  • Improved privacy
  • Manage identity and credentials through a simple digital wallet experience

For identity issuers

  • Standardize issuing of digital identity and credentials
  • Customize identity schemas with quick responsiveness
  • Quickly issue, update and revoke 

For identity verifiers

  • Engage in relationships with more trust 
  • Simplify and reduce time to know your customer
  • Ensure compliance with regulations

Leading the self-sovereign identity community

Our mission is to help clients onboard and interoperate in a world of many networks. Leveraging industry expertise with Promontory, an IBM Company, and artificial intelligence, we’re transforming business processes like Know Your Customer (KYC). It’s all part of putting users back in control, establishing more trust and changing how the world manages digital identity.

IBM joins Sovrin Identity Network

IBM is helping to create, operate and maintain Sovrin’s global public identity utility, a new home for self-sovereign identity applications.

IBM joins Sovrin Identity Network as a Founding Steward

Standardizing Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs)

Discover the Sovrin Identity Network and decentralized identity in an interoperable world

IBM partners with SecureKey

IBM, SecureKey Technologies and identity issuers and verifiers are helping consumers instantly verify identities for new bank accounts, driver’s licenses, utilities and more.

Greg Wolfand

Greg Wolfand, SecureKey CEO, explains the potential

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Founders Handbook

Over seven million credentials have already been registered in financial services

Being served

Telcos increase security and privacy for users while reaping material cost savings

Digital identity management is something we can solve together

IBM is committed to creating secure, blockchain-enabled self-sovereign identity for everyone on the internet. Learn more today.

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