IBM® z/OS® brings the computing power and resources of the IBM Z® platform to help you drive business transformation and accelerate innovation. Get the stable, secure environment your organization requires to improve performance for mission-critical workloads and meet future challenges.

What’s new

The new IBM® z16™ platform accelerates decision velocity, protects against threats across your business, and modernizes for hybrid cloud. IBM z/OS V2.5 enables innovative development to support hybrid cloud and AI business applications, along with next-level technologies for security and resilience.

With a continuous delivery model, new z/OS capabilities are available quarterly with no impact to stability, complexity or costs.


Accelerate hybrid cloud

Achieve rapid application development and provisioning for hybrid cloud deployment.

Gain ease of use

Simplified and modern experience for easier installation, management and use of z/OS with no special skills required.

Enable security and resilience

Build competitive advantage with cyber security solutions that help maintain exceptionally resilient environments.

Technical resources to help you get started

Deploy and manage Linux on IBM Z apps on z/OS platforms.

Provision with automated self-service processes.

Simplify software installation and set-up.

Minimize disruptions and accelerate recovery.

Simplify software maintenance.

Enable extensive encryption of data in-flight and at-rest.

Modernize the way you manage z/OS with services.

Optimize availability to keep your systems running.


Utilize the container orchestration benefits of Red Hat®OpenShift®.

Sort, merge, copy, analyze and report.

Track, control and manage your software.

Protect data and resources and control permissions.

Build and deploy networking apps on IBM z/OS.

Summarize OS, middleware or workload activities.

Scan for vulnerabilities and remediate.

Monitor and manage sysplex in JES2.

Report on nearly all aspects of z/OS performance.

Other resources

Manage z/OS systems with a web-based interface.

Simplify your upgrade to z/OS.

Automate workflows and IBM Cloud® Provisioning and Management assets.

Download open-source container images.

Run C, C++, COBOL, PL/I Fortran and assembler apps.

Simplify data archiving with transparent cloud tiering (TCT).

Demystify Data with AI on IBM Z.

Use alternative enablement of z/OS Container Extensions.

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