IBM for Travel and Transportation

Modernize and optimize travel efficiently

The travel and transportation industry is growing, and expectations are rising from today’s savvier, more connected travelers. Discover how IBM’s digital solutions can help you provide the seamless travel experience they want with the improved efficiency you need.

Explore your segment


Improve the passenger experience, employee contribution and maintenance efficiency.

Freight and logistics

Incorporate technology to the best of its ability to manage transportation logistics.

Hotels and travel services

Provide a faster, smarter, differentiated experience.


Innovate and update for the digital era to boost agility and profit.

IBM Technology

Transform your travel business with scalable, dependable networks to help enhance operations and support innovative and exciting experiences.

Artificial intelligence

Equip travelers with the most personalized and relevant information based on their individual needs and preferences using the power of IBM Watson®.

Internet of Things

Build a seamless IoT platform to connect devices and systems and keep travel operations running smoothly for both providers and passengers.


Implement blockchain solutions to improve business efficiency through simplified processes and increase revenue with greater transactional clarity.