Technische Spezifikationen

Die technischen Spezifikationen sind nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar

Native capacity (uncompressed)

15 TB or 10 TB (using JD/JZ media), 7 TB or 4 TB (using JC/JY media), 3 TB or 2 TB (using JL media), 900 GB or 500 GB (using JK media) depending on media format

Native sustained data rate (uncompressed)

360 MBps (type D media)
300 MBps (type C media re-formatted)

Burst data rate

800 MBps

High-speed search (maximum)

12.4 m/s end-end search rate

Attachment options

3592-55F: Dual-port 8 GB Fibre Channel
3592-55E: 10 Gb Ethernet

Physical characteristics


86 mm H x 156 mm W x 374 mm D (3.4 in. H x 6.1 in. W x 14.7 in. D)


3.97 kb (8 lb 12 oz)

Operating environment

Temperature with media

16°C – 32°C (60.8°F – 89.6°F)

Relative humidity

20% – 80% non-condensing (limited by media)

Wet bulb maximum

26°C (78.8°F)

Maximum continuous operating power dissipation (drive and integrated blower)

3592-55F: 46 Watts
3592-55E: 66.5 Watts

Platform support


Operating system



IBM Power Systems™
IBM System p
IBM System i®

IBM AIX®, IBM i, Linux
AIX and Linux
IBM i and IBM OS/400®

Open systems

Servers with Intel or AMD processors

Microsoft Windows


Open systems

Servers with Intel or AMD processors

Microsoft Windows

Encryption support

IBM i, AIX, Solaris, Linux and Windows


One year