Harness the speed and performance of IBM Aspera

Regardless of the size and volume of data, IBM Aspera’s reliable performance can save you money, time and frustration. If accelerating your business is a 2020 goal, IBM Aspera can help.

Less than
10 Seconds

With IBM Aspera, FOX Sports sent live HD footage of the World Cup in France to editors in Los Angeles faster than you could read this sentence.

Less than
2.5 Hours

The amount of time it takes for IBM Aspera to move 100 GB of data, or about 150 human genomes, over a standard 100 Mbps connection. 1

Less than
24 Hours

The amount of time it takes for IBM Aspera to migrate 100 TB of data to the cloud over a 10 Gbps network.2

Move data no matter its size or where it lives

Access and move any size data in any leading cloud or on-premises system at high speed using the IBM Aspera on Cloud hosted service or by deploying in IBM Cloud Pak™ for Integration on RedHat® OpenShift®.


More than 180 petabytes of data have been transferred and shared using Aspera on Cloud since its 2018 launch.

200 hybrid &

Nearly 200 organizations use Aspera on Cloud to transfer data between three or more storage locations. Whether your data lives on-premises, in a cloud, or in multiple clouds, Aspera on Cloud can move it.

34 public
data centers

IBM Aspera covers market-leading cloud platforms across 5 continents and a growing number of data centers, including IBM Cloud®, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud.

Use robust automation for advanced workflows

The pressure is on for cloud-based business process enablement and expansion. Save time and money, and reduce errors, with robust, reliable automation services and streamlined data delivery.

80 to 100
from 1

Base Media’s LCTV gets content from 80+ global producers, distributes to 100+ TV networks around the world, all from one centralized transfer platform with IBM Aspera.


Prebuilt third-party integrations are available in IBM Aspera Orchestrator to design complex, hybrid cloud workflow automations involving multiple application processes.


With a graphical workflow designer made for ease of use, customers use the Aspera on Cloud automation app to streamline file delivery with recurring or event-based transfer workflows.

Experience the power of Cloud without sacrificing security

From small organizations to the largest global corporations, businesses rely on the secure movement of their data. The comprehensive, built-in security of IBM Aspera helps protect your data as it moves around the world.


More than 40,000 users collaborate in highly secure workspaces thanks to Aspera on Cloud.


IBM Aspera ensures exceptional security for business-critical assets with built-in security including open standards cryptography for user authentication, data encryption over the wire and at rest, and data-integrity verification.


Customers with additional security requirements can choose to implement the Digital Asset Trust Framework for cloud-based workflows.

How will IBM Aspera expand your 2020 vision?

The advantages of IBM Aspera are clear: lightning-fast performance, seamless cloud integration, comprehensive security and significant cost savings. With all IBM Aspera has to offer, it’s time to move your business forward in 2020.


  1. Based on the IBM Aspera Performance Calculator's data for a network bandwidth of 100Mbps, 1% packet loss, and a transfer from US to US.
  2. Based on the IBM Aspera Performance Calculator's data for a network bandwidth of 10Gbps, 0.0025% packet loss, and a transfer from US to Europe.